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‌Innovating solutions

‌Innovating solutions

Prepare for a warehousing revolution

Several trends are ready to reshape the industry further. The rise of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize warehouse management and order fulfillment processes, driving efficiency and reducing costs.

BiLumina WMS functionalities

Enables automated creation of commissions, which are groups of items prepared for shipment based on customer orders or internal requests. Each commission comprises one or more documents ready for picking. This operation provides workers with the feeling of processing a single order.

The system optimizes picking paths to reduce time and required movements for order preparation, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. 

Managing inbound and outbound movements in the warehouse.  

Automatically moves goods from inventory locations to picking locations, ensuring that items needed for orders are always within reach.  

The system enables automatic printing of various documents, such as packing lists, waybills for delivery services, and labels, speeding up the shipping processes.  

Enables automatic capture and recording of bank payments for received orders, facilitating payment tracking and financial record-keeping .

The system allows batch inventory management and adheres to the FEFO (First Expired, First Out) principle, ensuring that products with older expiration dates are sold first, reducing the risk of product obsolescence.  

Automated generation of associated transport documents.  

Robust ERP for managing complex supply chains

Managing supply chains and its complexity has increased significantly with globalization and the rise of e-commerce. To manage this complexity we offer you system capable of integrating and optimizing logistics processes, including inventory management, order processing and transportation planning.

Empower your business with real-time data

Deliver accurate and timely information about orders, shipment tracking and delivery schedules with our advanced functionalities. We enable you to analyse and report real-time data which will help you make informed decisions and respond quicker to the market.

Maximizing efficiency with terminal-only mindset

The terminal-only mindset in logistics refers to an approach that emphasizes the use of terminals for handling cargo without additional logistics services or infrastructure outside the terminal. The benefits of the terminal-only mindset include improved traceability and control over cargo, faster handling, and enhanced terminal capacity utilization. Additionally, this approach can reduce logistics operation costs and improve final customer service.

The true driving force behind technology is not just more technology, but the creativity, skills and dedication of the people behind it.

About Bilumina

The true driving force behind technology is not just more technology, but the creativity, skills and dedication of the people behind it.

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